The Sweeter Things In Life

So I’m sitting in my quiet office at work with a cup o’ hot chocolate lazily pondering. Sure… there’s other things I could be doing, like personal property taxes for the business, but alas, I need something to do tomorrow right? Right now is me time and that’s what’s important.

I’ve been writing a lot about how miserable the people around me have been, but since our epic battle of the sexes in the Wright household, things have run much smoother. I’m back to getting my way like I should be and things are running much more efficiently. I handle the budget and spending while Daniel pretty much just does what he’s supposed to. Go to work, make money, let me handle bills, & show affection. Rinse and repeat.

I had my annual trip to King William for dogsitting last week, which prompted this letter after the discovery that my friend has completely let herself fall to pieces. It’s safe to say that after hearing so many rumors and accusations about the people I grew up with, I no longer have the desire to go back there to live, EVER. I remember making a tiny place in my heart where I dreamed of doing so one day. That dream has now vanished. People and life are just too crazy, gossipy and drama filled in the country for lack of better things to do.

I did get to do some interesting things while I was away. I knocked out a few things on my list which proved to be rather interesting. Going vegan for a week proved to be rather boring, but I realized that when going into the store I really didn’t have a plan. By the time I had gotten to my parents house it was about 7 and after spending an hour in the store I came out with $88 worth of groceries for just me for what I had thought was for a week! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Yea… my jaw hit the floor too. I tried a few new foods… couscous, which I fell madly in love with and falafel. I used the couscous in a few variations of a stirfry recipe. Falafel is for the birds, it looks and smells like meat to me when cooked, but most definitely did not appeal to my taste buds. The rest of my vegan cuisine was mainly veggies as I tended to eat left overs a lot, or I went out to eat. I only slipped once, and after confirmation from Jaime, no one is going to give a rats ass but me anyway. So yeah. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I ended up taking a trip to Charlottesville (which was about an hour and forty-five minutes from my parents house) during Valentine’s Night to have dinner with Jaime at a sushi restaurant called Ten. Totally unscripted and random and it was great. I got to see her new apartment as well as a little tour of what’s dubbed as “the Mall.” I really wish I would have had two brain cells to whip out my camera. Not only did I miss taking pictures of the fabulously decorated restaurant, but I wrote on this HUGE chalkboard outside, which I now know is called the free speech wall. I’m sure that we have cool stuff like that hiding around Hampton Roads somewhere and I just haven’t found it yet. It was a great night filled with sushi, chatter and being silly. Something I really needed in a bad way compared to my disastrous Friday evening with Felicia.

By Sunday I was wearing out my time hanging out at my parents house, so I hooked up with an old high school friend and headed out to Moshi Moshi in Carytown. No surprise that it was sushi yet again. It had been forever since I had been to Carytown… I say forever but the last time I went was with Jason and that was like… hmm … 2002? Nothing had changed, the atmosphere is still very college/artsy hang out (for those of you that don’t know, VCU is right up the street,) and there’s no where to park. Of course unless you are like me and park illegally behind a bank, then there’s somewhere. ๐Ÿ™‚ Moshi Moshi was nothing stellar and by far pales in comparison to Ten. But then again I got miso and 2 sushi rolls for right at $16 where it was much higher at Ten. You definitely pay for a difference in quality. That’s not to say that it was horrible… hell I’d eat there regularly if I live in downtown Richmond. You get the gist.

I got back home on Monday, and who could say they didn’t miss this angel face? My house was clean and I was happy. Even happy enough to buy a nice dinner and set up the table for romance. ๐Ÿ˜›

After my semi adventurous week last week, this one is seeming kind of boring and slow. So much so that I’ve started yet another craft project that is taking me away from making more jewelry. I keep telling myself I need to get back to it otherwise I’ll never sell anything. Any how, my new project is a 4 canvas panel painting that depicts birds on a tree branch. I drew all of the picture (broken up on 4 – 12″ x 24″ canvases) as one picture, but once painted and dry, I’ll end up hanging them slightly apart. The idea is to take up more space on a blank wall but give the illusion its all one picture. You can see the concept sketch here.

I finally got my budget for March figured out. With my “vacation” to my parent’s house I really screwed up my figures for February. So much so that I’m praying my federal tax return comes soon so I can pay off some of this crap and lower our monthly expenses. I’ve thrown the idea of going to Twi-Con in Dallas out the window. There’s no way possible I could raise $1,300 for the whole trip or afford to spend my whole refund on it. So instead I’m going to work on getting some of my walls in my house spruced up and pay off some credit cards.

My mom proceeded to give me a ration of shit on the phone Tuesday night she got home. She really wants me to go back to ECPI for my bachelors in Business. I keep trying to tell her I don’t want to sign the stupid waiver prohibiting me from graduating before everyone else, but I have a feeling that’s what I’m going to have to do in order to get my BA. I could go to a 4 year college like Christopher Newport but the problem would be that I have to take classes in the evening and it would take me forever to graduate since their semesters are longer and I’d be limited on classes. So now its a toss up of do I want to go back or do I stay where I am… in a comfortable state of neutral? It doesn’t really help that I still want to take classes at TCC either. My main issue there is that because I only want to take a few art classes, they consider it non-academic… translation… you pay up front with no financial aid whatsoever. Not cool. In the same token I don’t want to go for an associates in Arts. But that’s a thinking topic for another day.

It seems that my work day is coming to a close slowly and surely, so now is the time where I must look busy in case someone shows up and asks what I’ve done all day.




Full Moon Rising (Riley Jenson Guardian Series, Book 1) Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Okay so since I recently finished book 6 of this series and loved it, I decided to pickup the first two books while I was out the other day, Full Moon Rising & Kissing Sin.

I’ll admit, reading The Darkest Kiss kind of spoiled the ending for me as far as Quinn’s disappearance. It also made the scenes between Jack and Riley really annoying, since I knew in the end, she’d eventually end up as a guardian somewhere in the series.

Aside from that the book was very enjoyable. This book was much more on the steamy side rather than just raw tension unlike book 6 so I was happy about that. (Sorry for the lack of other comparisons in the series!)I definitely was glad that the author takes the time to flesh out Riley as a main character and clearly state her views on things like sex and clubs as well as giving the reader an in depth description on her idea of werewolf culture.

In the process of trying to explain to friends where this book fits on a particular shelf, its really hard to describe. On one hand its very adventure & mystery with Riley’s work at the Directorate. But on the other, the romance scenes are very hot and heavy and it teems with sexual tension. So its somewhere in the mix.

One thing I am for sure of… It works and I like it.

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The last hour or two has really been a time of reflection from where I was and where I’m heading. I’m writing this “letter” with names excluded to protect their identities, but once the person it concerns reads this, she’ll know who she is and know the real feelings I have.

Dear Friend,

Today after our conversation I took time to reflect on the people that we have become. After so many years together, then so many years apart, you really have to take a step back and look at how things turned out. I feel like now we are strangers more than ever and I’m sure you feel the same. There is really no one person to blame for us growing apart, but I feel the need to write down what I feel in case you may see things differently.

When we were growing up we were two peas in a pod. Constantly sneaking around, getting into things that we probably shouldn’t have and confessing our deepest secrets to one another. You were the sister I never had and there was nothing better than having that shoulder to cry on. We had a lot of fun years together and it was some of the best memories of my life.

A lot of things changed when you met the man that is now the father of your children. You were no longer the strong, confident woman you used to be. You let him tear you down mentally and physically and all the while I pleaded for you to leave him; He was no good and only trouble. While it may have sounded selfish before, I still stand behind the fact that our friendship would have been better without him. He was a virus; everything he did and still does he ruins just by touching or being a part of it. He was the first part in the destruction of the friend I once knew.

I also blame myself for a portion of you changing. I left and moved to Newport News in pursuit of a dream and a life with Daniel. I left you with no one but the monster you were with and he could never be the sane and understanding person you needed in your life. Sometimes I’d like to think that we filled a void for each other growing up before I left. But by leaving I made that void bigger for the both of us. But time gave us ways of filling those voids. You filled yours with sex, children, drinking and drama. I filled mine with school, a wedding and mellowing out.

Talking with you the few times I have over the past five years, your life has been in a spiralling state. You constantly have issues with your children’s father and other men, you befriend women that your boyfriends cheat on you with and you constantly talk about getting shit faced and driving. I need to be honest and say…

The new you scares the shit out of me.

I’d love to be the person to help get some sense back into your head, but I fear that with the years that we’ve grown apart my opinion doesn’t really hold the weight that it used to. This is in no way saying that my life is perfect because its not. I have few friends that I can trust, my bills are piling up and yes, Daniel and I have problems. But these are normal concerns for people. If it was any indication from the Jerry Springer invite you got from your boyfriend’s “on the side” girl, your life is far from normal.

I know it may feel like I’m writing this to hurt you or maim your public image but I’m not. These are things that I’ve been harboring in my heart for the five long years that I had to watch as you fell further from grace.

For the sake of you and your babies, I hope you take this letter to heart.

ย Michelle

The Darkest Kiss (Riley Jenson Guardian Series, Book 6) The Darkest Kiss by Keri Arthur

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I was given this book by my mother… okay I’ll admit I heisted it because I saw the word vampire on it and said it was mine! She didn’t seem to mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mind you I’ve never read a Keri Arthur book nor am I familiar with this series. What a surprise it was to find out that the main character has all this other stuff going on. I think even though I hadn’t read the other books prior to this one, I still had a good sense of what was going on and what happened to Riley. Granted when she talked about killing a demon god and other things I was temporarily lost, but I’m sure it will all click later on.

I’m glad to have found this series even if it was by accident. All of the things that Riley gets caught up in inside of this book kept me hooked and her sexual tension is rather amusing. A good read for fans of paranormal.

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I’m finding out today that life is one massive domino effect. When one thing fucks up, it all fucks up… in succession.

The tax return news came back yesterday as I had suspected. While $2180 in returns is nothing to shake a stick at, its a bitch when your husband has already spent over his half before we even have the check in hand. I’m sure this year will be like the last where the state will take money from our state return (even if he denies that he owes anything) and I’ll be left with maybe $500. Lucky me to marry such a financial winner right? I just want my little vacation in the summer… is that too much to ask?

Daniel also informed me today at lunch that he is no longer allowed to work Saturdays anymore. Translation: $800 gone from our monthly budget that I’ve worked so hard on, and me being stuck trying to pull him out of debt with scraps. I by no stretch of the imagination live outside of my means bill wise. I have my half of the mortgage and house bills, 3 small balance credit cards with $25 a month payments, 3 loans with $50-60 monthly payments and thats it. I’d call that somewhat reasonable if not average. He on the other hand has a list of bills so long I probably need a whole page on my blog to list it out. I can’t even count them on 2 hands… It’s terrible.

Losing $200 a week is really going to hurt us. You think I’m bitching now? I may take up drinking before this is over with.

My lovely dot also makes her visit this week. Let’s pile that into my shit parade while we’re at it.

I’m now stuck in a position where I’m considering giving up on my trip to Dallas in lieu of using the money to pay to keep my water running and my lights on. We aren’t to that point just yet, but I feel it heading that way. I always expect the worse I suppose. Maybe it helps from feeling jaded in the end?

Anna did the gracious thing of reminding me (though indirectly) that its time to start thinking about my garden. It will be my first one so I better make it good. Lots of research and planning before that idea gets off the ground.

I’m off to Micheal’s Craft store in a few to pickup some silver thread and seed beads for my headband project. I hope they have some silver ribbon I actually like…

This workday has been slow, but I’m glad to see it come to an end. Hopefully my night will bring me the rest and relaxation I so desperately need.

โค Me

Note: I wrote this in my Moleskine, hence the reference to my handwriting.

Today is one of those days where you just want to curl up in bed with a good book and a warm snuggly fur friend and not have one person call or come bother you. Ah… that’s the life.

What I ended up with instead is what I’ll dub as a cranky old bitch Monday. Everything is irritating… noise, people, phones ringing and really retarded tasks. It really makes me feel like I’m the only intelligent one around here sometimes (though the more I interact with my boss and his whack job family…) Ah. Nevermind.

At this juncture I must admit, my handwriting has really fallen off… must be all that typing.

So I’m 2 full entries in and I’ve yet to talk about something positive. It’s difficult with nothing drastically happy happens to me from day to day.

I suppose I should be thankful I woke up this morning and I’m breathing. I went to work to a job I’m still holding and got paid. Ugh… but dwelling in the sap happy land of feel good is just not me. Call it taking stuff for granted or what have you. I just don’t care to dwell on things like that.

Daniel and I finally ironed out the car issue once and for all and like usual, I was right and he was wrong. So he’s paid off one of his collection accounts and done some other random non-productive things. At least I can say he’s attempting to work on it. I think. Lord knows what we may actually do after we get back the return.

One thing is for sure. I will pay off / down 3 credit cards, and I will be going to Dallas in July!

I’m hoping this business can hold out through the summer. While I know its not the best time for job hunting, I want out, but I want to enjoy a long vacation before I end up changing jobs and don’t have any at all for awhile.

I’m quite frightened of leaving this pathetic place even if I’m too prideful to admit it. I feel like I may have lost too many brain cells to cut it in the real world. Then what will I be left with?

If money is the root of all evil, it surely plans to drive me insane. This tax season has to be the most stressing because of the house. I’m ready to know what we are getting back and my futile attempts to calculate without all of the numbers is rather infuriating.

Ouch. My hand is starting to cramp… Maybe and explanation as to why I prefer typing?

Ciao! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ah the internet is a fantastic place. Full of people to meet, things to see and of course, information to leak. On the meer coat tails of a massive Midnight Sun (Stephenie Meyer) internet leak comes the latest and greatest in interwebz leakage.

May I present parts of the script from the upcoming film New Moon:

This is part one of Felixs script from the movie

This is part one of Felix's script from the movie

Aros part from the script

Aro's part from the script

As you can see, these are obviously from people that are auditioning for various parts in the film as they have notes and other miscellaneous doodles for side notes. The quality for the pages is not the greatest for the a lot of the leaked content, but its legible and therefore a risk for Summit.

Right now there are 27 pages in all that were uploaded online by and anonymous source, but for your viewing (and of course kill to curiosity) I have downloaded them all and added them to my flickr for your perusal.

I need to thank my little internet mole Mandy from Twilight Source/Twitter for linking this one for me. She always finds the good stuff.

Until we leak again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

– Chellez โค

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